The Manojava

One of our associate company, a Management Consulting firm in Toronto, Canada. We are based at the financial district of Downtown Toronto, near leading Corporates, International Banks and Financial Institutions. Our team at TheManojava.Com helps Indian Companies and the Small & Medium Establishments (SMEs), to enter the North American market. Our firm offers services such as Market Study, Competition Analysis, Market Research and designing of Entry Strategies. Based on our study of our client's requirements, we draw up plans to help them set up their office in Toronto or to enter into partnership with appropriate companies and firms in Toronto. Along the way, we also help our clients, by facilitating in setting up of their office, and helping them with accounting, secretarial and legal services. Our 'NRI India Desk' helps banks in India to enter into CAD Nostro Account remittance relationship with leading Canadian banks and we also refer high net worth Non Resident Indian customers. We have capabilities to offer similar services of entering North America, to banks based in other Asian and Gulf countries.